We all know the Lord’s Prayer, we say it before communion, we say it on Holidays, we have grown up with it in our mind. But like so many other Biblical principles has it become something that we grow numb too? or something we say automatically without realizing what we are really praying? Would the Church have reverence through prayer and would we understand the Lords Prayer in a new way.

The Second article has always captivated me “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Gods will can be confusing for us, it can certainly be unclear and even frustrating but at the core of this prayer what are we actually saying? When we corporately pray this what we are saying is that as the people of God we recognize that there is need for Restoration within the Church as well as in our own lives. That we have a brokenness within us that is in need of desperate repair as well as the world around us. Why else would we address God almighty as a community of Believers for his will to be done in the same manner as it is in Heaven? We are praying for divine intervention in our lives, in our covenant community and in the greater world around us. We are praying for Restoration.

We as creatures of worship are most prompted to pray in times of turmoil, in times of distress and in times of pain. A non-believer will have a hard time praying before a meal or even during a worship service but, God forbid, they be stricken with something as horrible as cancer or a terminal disease… they will pray somewhere. In the face of hardships we are people who run to help, we run to our Father in Heaven. We OUGHT to be prompted to pray during these times, we should desire to call upon the name of our God in our distress or on behalf of another because we are praying that God intervene, that his will be done and those very prayers ought to prompt us as believers to move into action.

In other words the Holy Spirit has prompted you to pray, and therefore has placed a need on your heart and now by the will of God have we found ourselves recognizing a need for restoration in our world, and it is now his will for the person of prayer to be moved into action. Now of course there are times when our prayers are simply to wait upon the hand of God to reveal itself, but for example; someone you know is sick and you are prompted to prayer for them by the Holy Spirit, are you not then called to go and visit them? To send them encouragement? To pray OVER them? God prompts us into action by our desires to call upon his name. It is part of his will.

What God desires is that his Church, his bride, come before him in prayer that he may restore us as broken individuals to be made new, and as hurting communities that he may heal our Churches. Would the Church, in our Prayers for his divine will to be done. recognize that it is his will that we be reconciled unto himself by the work of Christ alone and be restored by his own hand. Would there be rebuilding of Broken people by a Holy God according to his will and would we see more restoration within our own lives and in the world around us as we become people of prayer and are moved to action as he is the author and perfecter of our faith.


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