εκκλεσια- is the Greek word in the New Testament that defines the Church or “The Called Out Ones”. It is  not a specific type of Church, not a specific group of people but rather the Covenant Community of God reconciled in Christ Jesus.

The Church today may or may not be facing its toughest trial yet, regardless the Church needs to stay together, the Church needs to struggle through issues, the Church needs to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Church ought to teach well, preach loudly, welcome in the broken and lost gladly and strive together as saints. The Church ought to recognize its brokenness and become beggars for Grace before the Cross. The Church need to remember the saints of old and pray for those of the future, the Church needs one another the Church Needs Jesus.

The Church  ought to not be just another institution within the world. The Church ought to be a place that worships corporally as well as pushes towards answering the hard questions, talking about the things that make us uncomfortable and be willing to move towards the person and work of Christ . This Blog, hopefully, will provoke the Church to be just that; a place where people gather to worship, to pray, to ask, to hear, to understand, to give, to rest and to know Christ.


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